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Local School District

301 South Oak Street
West Lafayette, OH 43845
Telephone: 740-545-6354
Fax: 740-545-6336

Food Services Department

Ridgewood Local School District
Food Services Department
Ridgewood High School
602 Johnson Street
West Lafayette, OH 43845

Mrs. Michelle Stoffer, Director of Food Services
E-mail  [email protected]

Telephone: 740-545-5301
Fax: 740-545-5311
Ridgewood High School Cafe Staff
Head Cook: Kim Babcock       
          Cook: Wanda Craddock
                      Marla Farver
                      Reva Untied
Ridgewood Middle School Cafe Staff 
Head Cook: Laura Arnold
          Cook: Vickie Hall
                     Wayne McCloy
                     Ronda McCune
Ridgewood Elementary School Cafe Staff
Head Cook: Kate Shivers
          Cook: Laura Guenther
                     Sharon McCormick                         
                     Robin Mullen
 Click Here for Lunch Menus and Food Services Forms.