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Calamity Days (Snow Days)

Our decision to close school due to weather is based solely on the safety of our students and staff. We utilize data from multiple sources such as weather reports, local and state road conditions as well as contact with area school superintendents when closing school.  

We will use a variety of communication avenues when delaying or closing. We will post closings and delays on our school district app as well as our website www.ridgewood.k12.oh.us . We will also utilize our call system.   School closings and/or delays will be notified if possible the prior evening or by 5:30 a.m. It is important to update any changes to your phone with our Central Office at 545-6354. In addition, closings and delays will be reported to the following radio stations WTNS, WTUZ, WJER and television stations WHIZ, NBC4, 10WBNS and ABC6/Fox.

Students will have calamity day for Snow Days 1-8. We will utilize Online Learning Plans (Blizzard bags with Zoom meetings) on snow day 9, 10 and 11. Online Learning Plans information/assignments will be sent home with your child or may be found on the district website. Teachers will be available via email and Zoom meeting on Online Learning Plan days during normal school hours. 

Students will have calamity day for Snow Days 12-15. We will begin to make up calamity days on Snow Day 16, 17, and 18.  Snow Day 16 will be student in person day on March 28. Snow Day 17 will be in student in person day on May 23. Snow Day 18 will be a student in person day on May 24. 

On-Line Learning Links

Students will have a calamity day for Snow Days 1-8. In place of Blizzard Bags, we will utilize On-Line Learning Days for Snow Days 9, 10 and 11. For those students without internet access, paper copies of the make-up work will be provided.

All On-Line Learning Days will be delivered via Teacher Zoom Meetings. Links to all Zoom Meetings will be provided on the On-Line Learning Days page of our district website as well as in each Google Classroom. If Students are accessing the Zoom Meeting using a Mobile Device eg: iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Droid Phone, etc. they will first need to download the Zoom App to their device and then access the Zoom Meeting through the App. When accessing the Zoom Meeting, all students must make sure their name is the first and last name from their Ridgewood Google Account. If not the teacher will not recognize them and will not allow them to enter the classroom meeting from the waiting room. 

On-Line Learning Zoom Meeting Links:

All Zoom Meeting Links will also be available from your Google Classroom. Click the blue Google Classroom link and sign-in to Google Classroom with your:

Student Username ([email protected]and your Chromebook Password.