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We will Remain on Our Traditional Learning Plan
April 19 - 23

Monday through Friday:  All Students Attend Face-to-Face Learning
We would like to encourage full time remote students to return to traditional face-to-face learning
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Welcome to BYOT!

BYOT Initiative:
Ridgewood Middle and High Schools are announcing the integration and usage of student owned technology into the classroom starting fall of 2013.

Students who opt in to this initiative will have access to the school’s wireless, filtered network. This will give them access to the Internet and their network drives.

The Bring Your Own Technology initiative is entirely optional.

Additional Information:
Beginning school year 2013-2014, students at the Ridgewood High School and Middle School, may begin bringing their approved BYOT devices to school. Approved devices will gain access to the secure network with existing network usernames and passwords. Users will be responsible for adhering to all other district/building acceptable use policies, codes of conduct, or administrative guidelines while using the district’s wireless network. Students and staff will have access to a filtered Internet connection and will not be permitted to bypass this filter for any reason. Cellular network adapters (Verizon Wireless , AT&T, 3G/4G wireless, HotSpots or other mobile Internet provider connections) are not permitted to be used by staff or students to access the Internet at any time.

The term “BYOT” means personally owned wireless portable electronic devices can be used for instructional purposes. All approved devices must allow access to the Internet through a fully functional web browser and be capable of accessing the Ridgewood student network. Recognizing the rapidly changing world of technology, the list of allowed devices and district software will be reviewed annually. Approved devices include: iPads, laptops, netbooks, and tablet computers. Each device must have a screen display of at least 7 inches and be capable of running district-used educational software. The district will provide access through Citrix to virtual productivity applications for all approved devices (both tablet and windows based). Tablet devices must be capable of running all district-used apps such as Citrix Receiver, Notes, Accelerated Reader and BrainPop. It is highly recommended that tablet device owners also have a Bluetooth keyboard.

The responsibility to keep any personally-owned device secure and safe rests entirely with the individual owner. The Ridgewood Local School District cannot be responsible for any device damaged or stolen while on district property. It is recommended that all devices be labeled or otherwise identified before being brought to school. It is highly recommended that devices are kept in protective cases to avoid accidental damage.

Use of this wireless resource is a privilege, not a right, intended to enhance teaching and learning. Users may be denied access at any time, for any reason. Students should not have the expectation of privacy on any device they bring into the Ridgewood Local School District. If staff members suspect improper use and/or abuse of this or related policies, they have the right to confiscate related BYOT student devices at any time.


In addition to the Ridgewood Local School District Student Acceptable Use Policy, student code of conduct, board policies, building policies and administrative guidelines already in place, there are additional guidelines/policies users should be aware of:


1. All devices should, by default, be set to mute/silent. If the use of headphones is permitted, the volume level must be set so it cannot be heard by others.

2. Students are prohibited from using electronic devices to capture, record, or transmit the audio or images (i.e. pictures/video), of any student, staff member, or other person on school property or while attending a school-related activity without an expressed prior notice and explicit consent for the capture, recording or transmission of such audio or images. Using an electronic device to capture, record or transmit audio or images of an individual or group without his/her/their consent is considered an invasion of privacy and is not permitted. Students who violate this provision and/or use an electronic device to violate the privacy rights of another person may have their device confiscated. Additional consequences may apply at the discretion of the principal or administration.

3. Student use of any electronic device while in class, and while participating in school activities, is restricted to academic or instructional purposes as determined by the teacher. During these times, the use of such devices for personal, business, or entertainment purposes is prohibited.

4. The Ridgewood Local School District or its staff cannot provide any technical assistance on personally-owned devices. Users are directed to utilize their user manuals and other resources provided by their device manufacturer for technical assistance.

5. The Ridgewood Local School District cannot guarantee the opportunity to charge any personal device. It is the responsibility of the user to have a properly charged device before school.


BYOT Team Members:

Mike Masloski - District Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Todd Stoffer - High School Principal
Lester McCurdy - High School Mathmatics Teacher
Kelly Cappel - High School/8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Trista Claxon - Middle School 5th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Lori Cabot - Middle School 7th Grade Science Teacher
Shirley Smith - District Technology Coordinator
 Areas / Times of Use:


Area / Time of Use for BYOT Devices Only



Use Permitted?





Staff Discretion


Hallways / Class Change





Restrooms / Locker Rooms





Cafeteria / Lunch



Staff Discretion


District Sponsored Extra-Curricular



Staff Discretion


School Buses or other transport



Staff Discretion







Study Hall









To view and/or print the Ridgewood BYOT Acceptable Use Policy click on the link above.
To view the Parent Letter sent home in May 2013 with report cards click on the link above.