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Language Arts - Mrs. Cappel

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Language Arts - Mrs. Cappel

Online Libraries: eBook Catalogs
Find and read thousands of AR eBooks
The Ohio Digital Library - Coshocton Public Library
Digital Downloads - Columbus Metropolitan Library
Digital Downloads is Columbus Metropolitan Library's eBook collection. Cards are free to anyone in Ohio and you can use your Columbus Metro library card with the Digital Downloads eBook catalog just like you use your Coshocton library card with the Ohio Digital Library on your mobile device using the Overdrive app or a computer browser. 
CLICK HERE TO APPLY for your free Columbus Metro / Digital Downloads card. You should receive your card in the mail within a week or two.
For more information on Overdrive, see my Recommended Apps for Student Owned Devices.

Google's Web Based Productivity Apps for Students
Login with your Ridgewood Chromebook / Google username and password to access Classroom and all Google productivity apps on your own device or PC.
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Literature Unit: Fiction

Google ClassroomUnit materials will be uploaded as needed.

Accelerated Reader

25 Independent Reading Points
Due by: Friday, May 26, 2017
Worth:100 Points in the Gradebook
  • Online eBooks: You have access up to 250,000+ eBooks and audio books through Coshocton and Columbus online libraries, completely free. Use the AR Bookfinder site to verify book levels and points.
  • Classroom Library: I have over 1000 titles in our classroom. Use the following AR Booklists and the AR Bookfinder site for brief summaries to help you find an interesting book.