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Local School District

301 South Oak Street
West Lafayette, OH 43845
Telephone: 740-545-6354
Fax: 740-545-6336

About Ridgewood Middle School

Ridgewood Middle School
517 South Oak Street
West Lafayette, OH 43845-1399

Ms. Trista Claxon, Principal

Telephone   740-545-6335
Fax   740-545-5300

Vision Statement

Our schools will be safe, comfortable and updated technologically; they will be compatible with a modern curriculum. All learners will be accepted in ways that promote equality, acceptance of others, and enhance home-community-school relationships. Students will achieve high levels of competency in each subject area as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills. Individuals will have a sense of respect for themselves and others and will demonstrate joy in being part of the learning community.