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Middle School
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West Lafayette, OH 43845
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Middle School Supply Lists

Supply List 2018-19

2018 - 2019

 Supply Fees:  No supply fees this school year!!
                                                                   SUPPLY LISTS

Fourth Grade:  3 ring zippered binder, 1" or 1 1/2" binder for LA, tab dividers for LA binder (min 5), 3 ring pencil pouch, wide ruled loose leaf notebook paper, red-yellow-blue and green pocket folders (pre-punched), personal pencil sharpener, large pack Dixon-Ticonderoga pencils (pre sharpened), headphones, 1 pkg pencil cap erasers, highlighter, 2 boxes tissues Boys: extra pack of pencils Girls: Clorox wipes

Fifth Grade Math: 2 pocket folders, 3-5 dry erase markers
Fifth Grade Social Studies: folder
Fifth Grade Language Arts:  folder, single subject notebook, highlighter
Fifth Grade Science: scissors, colored pencils, composition notebook, highlighter, Elmer's glue or Glue All
General:  binder, loose leaf notebook paper, pencils, tissues, headphones, bookmobile card Optional Classroom Donation Items: baggies, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer
Sixth Grade: 2 boxes tissues, #2 pencils (2 pkgs) no mech. pencils, colored pencils, highlighter, single subject notebook or composition book for Science, wide ruled loose leaf,
1 composition notebook LA, 1 folder for each class, bottle of Elmer's liquid glue, ear buds or headphones, pencil poch, pkg of index cards, lock for locker (suggested) Optional: hand santizier, disinfecting wipes
Seventh Grade: 2 boxes tissues, pencils, notebook paper, ear buds, colored pencils, ultra fine tip black Sharpie, 1 pack 300 index cards, pocket folders for Math, LA & SS, 1" binder for Science, 5 subject notebook (180 sheets)