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Class Sales Projects 
Students are required to participate in various class projects as freshmen and sophomores, and possibly as juniors and seniors, depending on the class needs. The money raised from these sales goes toward class activities including graduation, prom, and certain student expenses. Students not participating in class sales projects are required to pay class dues set by class officers.

Flag Auxiliary--Mrs. Lindig 
The auxiliary is part of the marching band. The auditions are held in early spring.  The students are judged on flag fundamentals, fundamentals of marching, equipment handling, their ability to learn a routine set to music, and overall appearance. Sudents who make the auxillary will parctice once a week. Until practices are set with the rest of the band, they may attend flag camp in June and a mandatory band camp in July. All students involved follow the rules set in the band handbook. The auxiliary, being part of the band, will march in parades, all football games, and any competitions or festivals set by the band director. Akk oerfirnabces set bt tge babd durectir are nabdatirt fir akk ayxukkart members.

Drama Club--Ms. Collins
The Drama Club's primary function is the production of plays. The club meets on a monthly basis with elected officers. During those meetings, the group focuses on a variety of subject matter and topics relating to the performing arts.

Chorale--Ms. Evans
This group is a chambered ensemble of 15-25 members, in combinations that provide a musical balance. Eligibility to participate is determined by an audition during the regular choir class. The group performs at various community functions, as well as at the music department concerts. Rehearsals are after school one or two days a week (as necessary for the present goals of the group). The fee will be approximately $20.00 for a uniform shirt.

Foreign Language Club--Mrs. Buehler & Mrs. Lott
The Foreign Language Club is open to all students who are presently enrolled in or have previously taken a foreign language course at Ridgewood High School. This organization holds several fund raising activities to provide a banquet for members and their families in the Spring and to provide supplementary language-related materials and speakers for use in the foreign language classes. Occasionally, language-related social activities are held for RHS members or in conjunction with area high school foreign language clubs. 

National Honor Society--Ms. Collins & Mrs. Buehler 
"Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor bestowed upon a select group of students by the faculty council on behalf of the school faculty" ("National Honor Society at a Glance" NASSP, 1984). The faculty council, comprised of 5 members, must abide by the Natinal Council's Constitution and local bylaws, and shall make membership decisions by majority vote. Membership is open to the junior and senior classes.

A. SCHOLARSHIP--a student shall be taking or have taken the following courses, and must have a minimum of a 3.3 as a cumulative grade point average; averages are computed at the close of the first semester. There will be no rounding for GPA.

               3 units of English for juniors, 4 for seniors
               3 units of mathematics--must have taken or be taking Algebra II his/her junior
               2 units of science for juniors (one must be a lab science), 3 for seniors
               2 units of social studies for juniors, 3 for seniors
               2 units of one foreign language (not 1 unit of 2 separate languages) 

A student to be eligible or maintain membership must take an advanced level curriculum by taking at least one of the following courses: Advanced Math I or II, Advanced English IV, Chemistry II, Physics, or Spanish IV.

B. SERVICE--A student shall have 7 activity points (1 for each active participation in extracurricular activites, outside organizations, special awards and honors).

C. LEADERSHIP AND CHARACTER--consideration is given to ratings by faculty members and leaders of organizations outside the school setting in order for the faculty council to make fair and just selection decisions. Examples of leadership and character qualities follow:

               a. Demonstrates leadership in classroom and organizatinal work
               b. Demonstrates leadership in promoting school activities
               c. Successfully holds position of responsibility
               d. Exemplifies positive qualities and attitudes

               a. Meets pledges and responsibilities to the school promptly
               b. Demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability
               c. Cooperates with school regulations
               d. Demonstrates concern for others

Dismissal procedures shall be explained to members upon induction and are available in writing to anyone on request.

Quiz Team--Mr. Stark 
The Quiz Team is an exracurricular activity that involves competitive recall of facts from various subject areas. Membership is open to all interested high school students who wish to try out for the team. Practices are held one to two times a week, scheduled at the convenience of the team members. The team participtes in the WHIZ quiz competition and tournaments involving schools of the surrounding areas.

Student Council--Mrs. Wells
Student Council is a a governmental organization which sponsors many school events. Officers are elected each spring by the student body and each class at the beginning of the school year elects representatives. A few of the events that the Student Council sponsors include Homecoming and the MORP dance. The council is also involved in various service projects each year, such as the senior citizen's dinner. Petitions are available to any RHS student who is willing to participate in the Student Council's many events and projects.