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Mr. Frey

"What we do, if we are successful, is to stir interest in the matter at hand, awaken enthusiasm for it, arouse a curiosity, kindle a feeling, fire up the imagination." ~Julius Sumner Miller~

If you have any questions contact me at
Phone: 740-545-6345
Email: [email protected] 


What you need for class (Bio & P.S.)

  • Small three ring binder
  • paper
  • pen / pencil
  • scientific calculator ex TI-30  ( physical science only) cell phones are not acceptable. 

For assignments go to google classroom

Good books to read.

The Control of Nature  by John Mcphee

A Sand County Almanac  by Aldo Leopold

For Health of the Land  by Aldo Leopold

Confessions of an Eco-Redneck: Or How I Learned to Gut-Shoot Trout & Save the Wilderness at the Same Time  by Steve Chapple

What's going on in science?


Physical Science

Miscellaneous links