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The R Factor ... The Journey We Are On by Bryan Raach

The R Factor is a behavior toolbox developed by Tim Kight that has been implemented by multiple Fortune 500 companies, NCAA athletic programs, and local school districts.  It is a formula that puts the focus on yourself and your response to events.  Your response to the events in your life will give you the outcome.  The formula is (E)vent+(R)sponse=(O)utcome.  

This month all of our students are going to learn about the importance of controlling their 20 square feet and why they need to have a discipline over default response.  20 square feet is not a scientific term, it simply refers the area around us that we have control over.  If things happen within our 20 square feet we are permitting the behavior, therefore we are promoting those behaviors.  A disciplined response is going to be intentional, on purpose, and skillful.  These types of decisions are going to allow our students to make above the line decisions and get the outcome they desire.  When our student have a default response they are going to act impulsively, on auto pilot, and will resist what they need to do in order to be successful.  These default responses are going to make it more difficult for our kids to get the outcome they desire.  

We are also on a mission to eliminate BCD from our school.  BCD stands for blame, complain, and defend.  These behaviors have never solved a problem, achieved a goal, or strengthen a relationship.  Our team is going to focus on solutions to problems and always look for a path to achieve the desired outcome.  

In the coming months our students and staff will learn how to control their response across multiple environments and remain focused on the outcome that they desire.  If you have any questions or would like more information on how to use this process in your own life please feel free to contact me at 740-545-6335.  As always, Go Generals!!!

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