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2013-14 Sports Awards

2013 Fall Sports

Football (5-5)
Garrett Bethel - 1st Team IVC
Ryan Lowe - 1st Team IVC
Tommy Layman - 1st Team IVC
Laken Bluck - 2nd Team IVC
Jake Eckelberry - 2nd Team IVC
Tevis Whitt - Honorable Mention IVC
Jarid Lindig - Honorable Mention IVC

Boys Golf
Nick Blakely - 2nd Team IVC

Girls Golf
Sam Wilson - 2nd Team IVC
Kaitlin Finton - 2nd Team IVC

Cross Country
Jessica McCoun - 2nd Team IVC

Volleyball (26-2)
IVC Champion, District Champion, Regional Champion, State Semi-Finalist
Kayla Crozier - IVC Coach of the Year, District Coach of the Year
Laura Crawford - 1st Team IVC, IVC Player of the Year, 1st Team District V, District V Player of the Year, 2nd Team All State
Laura Frazee - 1st Team IVC, 1st Team District V, State All-Star Match Player
Amanda Lowery - 1st Team IVC, 2nd Team District V
Erika Michael - 2nd Team IVC, 2nd Team District V
Hollie Schwab - District Honorable Mention
Victoria Share - District Honorable Mention
Baylee Haynes - District Honorable Mention
Sam Moore - District 2nd Team