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  Testing Information  

Ohio Department of Education - Testing
Includes the latest news on Ohio's State Tests and where you can sign up to receive notice of updates as soon as they are available. 
Ohio Department of Education - Testing Materials
Includes practice tests.
Next Generation of Assessments
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  Kenyon College Credit Available at Ridgewood High School  

Kenyon College KAP Biology
ELECTIVE Grades 11 and 12
KAP Biology is an entry-level college course offered to high school juniors and/or seniors. During the yearlong course, students will earn both high school and college credit. The course is adapted from two semester long courses taught at Kenyon College, BIOL115 and BIOL116. The focus for the course will be 1) energy in living systems and 2) information in living systems. The former will help guide the latter. One of the main focuses throughout the course will be the reading and interpretation of primary literature. A college level text (Biological Science 3rdEdition – Freeman), readings and study material will accompany the course.

Broad topics such as ‘energy’ will distilled down to more specific components such as glycolysis and the light reactions present in photosynthesis.

The course will focus on discussion as a format for learning in order in increase articulation and logical support of scientific ideas and questions.

Students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills along with scientific writing and computing skills that will greater prepare them for a career or further education in the sciences.

Students will meet at least once per week for a laboratory period in which inquiry-based, hands-on experimentation will occur.

Ultimately, an independent study project will be developed near the end of the year.

Prerequisites: An average grade of C or higher in Honors Biology, completion of Chemistry or taken in tandem, teacher recommendations.
Fee—lab fee, college fee
Two semesters--1 credit
NOTE: Students must gain acceptance into the KAP program by application and approval from Kenyon College.

Kenyon College KAP English IV
This course is a Kenyon College course that is available at Ridgewood High School for college credit. The emphasis is on higher-level skills and college-level communication skills in literature, writing, and speaking. It includes a brief review of grammar, but the empahsis is on composition as the means of learning grammar. A stress on vocabulary is an element throughtout the year. English literature serves as the tool for learning critical thinking, reading, and essay writing and composing. The purpose of this elective is to provide the college-prepatory student with a comprehensive background in writing and literature. With colleges becoming more concerned about the incoming freshman's writing skills and critical reading skills, this elective is a necessity for any student considering college. The completion of critical analysis papers that require research is mandatory for passing the course.
Prerequisites: An average grade of C or higher in College English III, teacher recommendations.
Fee--vocabulary workbooks, several paperbacks, college fee
Two semesters--1 credit
NOTE: Students must gain acceptance into the KAP program by application and approval from Kenyon College.

Kenyon College KAP U.S. History

ELECTIVE Grades 11 and 12

This is a college survey course available at Ridgewood High School for credit from Kenyon College. Emphasis is placed on independent reading and writing and in-class discussions of history topics. Individual research papers are required for earning credit. Since writing is critical to this course, a student’s previous English and social studies grades will be taken into consideration when applying to the class. A teacher recommendation and Kenyon College acceptance are also necessary to take this class. History period covered is Pre-Columbian to the present.

Prerequisites: an average of C or higher in College English II/ III, an average of B or higher in World History and American History, teacher recommendations

Fee: text book, approx. 6 paperbacks, college fee= Approx. $200

Two semesters = 1 credit= Approx. 8 semesters hours

  High School Credit Available To Students Below Ninth Grade  

Algebra I - 1 credit
Spanish I - 1 credit
Marching Band - .25 credit
Physical Education - .25 credit


  Funds Sought  

As part of its mandate to serve handicapped youngsters, the Ridgewood School District is applying for the Title VI-B and Preschool Handicapped monies for the school year. In the recent past, Title VI-B and Preschool Handicapped monies have been used to purchase services for youngsters in Special Education classes.

In addition, the District is applying for Title I, II, IV and VI Funds. Title I has traditionally served as an intervention program for reading and math; Title II and Title VI have been utilized for Professional Development and Proficiency outcome work; Title IV is used for our DARE program.

If any parents wish to learn about these programs or provide suggestions, they should contact Brian Rentsch, Special Education coordinator at 545-6345.

  Ridgewood Local School District  
   Gifted and Talented Program  

Mrs. Andrea Dobbins, Gifted Intervention Specialist


Complying with the Rule for School Foundation Units for Gifted Children, 1999, ORC 3301-51-15, Students are identified in these areas:
  • Superior Cognitive Ability
  • Specific Academic Ability
  • Creative Thinking Ability
  • Visual and Performing Arts Ability
Referrals for screening and assessment may be submitted at any time by completing the student Referral Form.  Forms are avaialble from Mrs. Andrea Dobbins, Gifted Intervention Specialist.

Menu of Service Options:

  • Academic Cluster Groups
  • Interest Groups
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Reading 4 & 6 with GIS
  • Independent Study
  • Honors Classes
  • SCAP
  • Post Secondary Option




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