Traditional Learning Plan - All Students Attend Face-to-Face Learning

We will Remain on Our Traditional Learning Plan 
Monday, May 17 through Friday, May 21

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West Lafayette, OH 43845
Telephone: 740-545-6354
Fax: 740-545-6336
We are asking all parents/guardians who have students in 4th grade through 12th grade to please take this survey. The survey is broken down by grade level. Please fill out a survey for each grade level you have a student in. For example, if you have 3 students attending Ridgewood, 1 student in 4th Grade, 1 in 8th grade and 1 in 10th grade, submit 3 surveys, 1 in each grade level 4th,8th,10th. There are only 4 questions in each survey.